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Stereochemistry drops stunning visuals in "Echo Love" [Video]

Belgrade-born, Italy-raised, and Berlin-based, Karla Hajman, aka Stereochemistry, is, in all aspects, an incredibly traveled human being. This opportunity for influence from different cultures and social views on life was surely not missed as it's made evident in the various instruments, sounds, emotions and production styles that she pulls into her music. The stunning video for her single "Echo Love" captures that. Check it out below:

“Echo Love” is the latest single from her Harlequin EP and the video was directed by Berlin native Alexander Kleb. The styling and wardrobe were immediate highlights for me. Each visual was done with such preconceived thought and matched the accompanying music and proper emotion trying to be described so perfectly - from the darker outfit that lured in the shadows of the forest to the greener light of the day. The track "Echo Love" provides a light echoey vocal that comes off more ominous but is boosted by various uplifting sounds and even a lovely violin melody. Both the music and the video showcase how both light and dark can be so effortlessly intertwined and there can be little distance between the two. It's quite inspirational and moving. Stereochemistry shared the below when describing the track;

"Just like the echo resonates between the mountains, holding the memory of the sound it came from, so our souls resonate with love for our dearest ones, even after they have come to pass. A reflection on death being a door, rather than a border. A realization that the relationships with our dearest souls persist, regardless of where we are. A story of grief being the greatest of all teachers, if we only dare inviting our most cunning personal demons over for a friendly dinner; the key out of our inner prison hangs around our neck, but we often need a mirror to see it for the first time."

This musician wears many hats and is also an accomplished scientist with pending chemotherapy patents. Somehow she still manages to find time to create musical collaborations with artists such as Jason Rubal (Amanda Palmer), Steven Rutter (B12) and George Clinton’s Parliament Funkadelic. So keep an eye out on her socials below for more inspiring music. 

Connect with Stereochemistry: Facebook | Soundcloud

Dark Pop · Indie


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