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Just give in and "Enjoy the Night" with this latest single from Madus

Madus is everything but another tossed up alternative band coming out Los Angeles. This group has the punk rock charm of the Sex Pistols and that stripped down early Arctic Monkeys garage rock melody that distinguishes them from the psych rock or beach rock sound currently flooding the LA scene. Madus is the kind of rock that gives you a Ramones style catchy melody but keep meat'n'potatoes in their music that's still an uncompromising guitar rock.

After first releasing their debut EP in June 2013, which was recorded by Grammy Award winning producer Matt Hyde (No Doubt, Jonny Lang), the band is back with their latest single "Enjoy the Night". Check it out below:

Combine fast-paced drumming, dazzling electric guitar work and a voice that's both gritty and appealing then you'll have me sold every time. This track is the kind of high energy sound that's not in your face aggressive but rather the kind of sound that grabs your arm, throws you in their car and sets off for an all-night adventure. This track has a poetic badass flair that makes your inner soul force you to turn the volume up to 11. 

“Growing up in the trendsetting Los Angeles music scene, we’ve walked into bar after bar to watch countless bands play. Once in a while you can walk into a place with no expectations only to have a band you’ve never heard of blow you away and make your night something special.” DuganCruz, lead singer and guitars

“Enjoy the Night” is the second single to be released from their 2017 mixtape and the first one that was self-produced, following which the group will put out one self-produced song per month. 

Connect with Madus: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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