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Syskey tip toes the line between dark and groovy house music with new "Personal Disorder" EP

Let's face it - summer is over. It's a morose realization, but it's the truth. The tropical-tinged flutes and xylophones of our favorite summer hits just don't carry as much weight anymore, but I'll tell you what will: dark, ominous, late-night house music. Enter Syskey, whose new Personal Disorder EP is hot off the presses via Uprise Music and chock full of dirty basslines and groovy vibes that will make you want to dance on someone Night At The Roxbury style.

Hailing from the golden coasts of southern France, Syskey brings to the table a fresh flavor of contemporary house music. Much like his French comrades over at Confession, like Tchami and Mercer, he has a unique ability to blend deep and tech house, but under a menacing G-house umbrella. It's that versatile kind of music you can hear at a festival mainstage and also at the afterparty in the wee hours of the morning. Check out Personal Disorder above and get familiar with Syskey at the social links below.

Connect with Syskey: Facebook | Twitter | InstagramSoundCloud

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