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Moses Mosima delivers visuals for "Majiin Boo" [Video]

Philadelphia artist Moses Mosima keeps his streak going with a set of thought provoking visuals for "Majiin Boo." "Majiin Boo" is a standout from Mosima's 2016 EP Babies, which showcased the full range of emotions we go through as we mature. The track features Mosima's yearning vocals over a Southern-inspired synth line, with peaks and valleys designed to make you bob your head as you take in Mosima's story.

The video is framed up with two lenses, giving the effect of holding an open book. Apt, considering Mosima writes intricate stories and develops complex emotions across all of his songs. The variety of shots and visual effects help build a universe around the soundscapes Moses Mosima has already carefully pieced together. About the track, Mosima says: "The 'Majiin Boo' video is a comment on the similarities between love and loneliness. A classic boy meets doll story."

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