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Thutmose shares the "Blame" in stunning new visuals [Video]

22-year-old Brooklyn via Lagos rapper Thutmose, is bringing an outside perspective to Brooklyn hip-hop. Immigrating from Nigeria at age nine, he spent much of his time writing. He found writing to be the best way to both express himself and connect with the people around him. In that breath, "Blame" is about the self-discovery that occurs around relationships in early adulthood. "Inspiration for 'Blame' practically came from all the experiences my friends and family have been through," Thutmose says.

The track and the video both capture a very grandiose feeling, with consistent shots of Thutmose as the most important object in frame. At the same time, shots of Thutmose creeping shadow or obscured silhouette represent how small he can still feel. Thutmose's flow is energized and focused, staying in the pocket of the beat even when he sings a smooth hook. 

Connect with Thutmose Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

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