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Clips x Ahoy and EGZOD give us "Everything" on newest single

Not be confused with the cookie, Clips x Ahoy, recently collaborated with new comer EGZOD to bring an insanely dynamic track in "Everything." Each producers uniques styles shine throughout the entirety of the song, giving it a fresh and original sound like nothing I've heard. In a genre that tends to be saturated with the same sounds, the two have blended trap style influences with uplifting, but melancholy future bass. The song is definitely an adventure of emotion with dark melodic plucks building into a phenomenal finale giving a light of hope. 

They have given the song for free download, or to stream from your favorite platform, so definitely give a listen and be sure to add to your library. 


Connect with Clips x Ahoy: Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Soundcloud

Connect with EGZOD: Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Soundcloud

Electronic · Trap


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