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Who needs genres when you have Alxndr London's EP 'TODAY (The Only Day After Yesterday)'

When something different slides across your desk(top) it’s wise to pay attention. Especially when that something different comes in the form of an EP by Alxndr London. For those unaware of the London-based artist, London is a real talent. He’s blends genres the way a Magic Bullet blends drinks. Okay, so maybe that metaphor was a little wack, but you get the point. The dude is insane and without a doubt, he's nothing like you've ever experienced before. So if you’re thirsting for something new and exquisite, kick your feet up and drink in TODAY (The Only Day After Yesterday) below.

The five track EP is a journey guided by London’s strange and ethereal style. From “Kraken” to “Bed Bugz,” London’s influences seem to range from ancient Japan (a good guess from the samurai hat) to contemporary soul music. And while the music itself is beautiful and engrossing, it is nothing without an incredible voice to tie it together. Lucky for all of us, London has that for days.

Take the standout track, “April,” for example. London starts off slow, in a lower refrain, plodding his way along the song. And then, as things build, he manipulates and adapts his voice to his surrounding musical environment. By the time you reach the chorus, he’s stretching out notes to infinity in the most exquisite way possible. His vocal range is incredible, making only one listen an impossible ask.

From start to finish, TODAY is a beautiful effort. Whether this is your first experience with the artist or not, London’s latest is a must listen.


Connect with Alxndr London: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter


R&B · Soul


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