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Kllo shares "Dissolve" ahead of debut album 'Backwater'

Australian duo Kllo has been quick to debut some amazing tracks off their debut full length album, set for release near the end of the month. In recent weeks, cousins Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam have shared the swirling melodies of “Downfall” and the more intimate “Nylon.” Today, Kllo returns with a stunner called “Dissolve.” The track shows off more of the duo’s ability and strength in creating these deeply tender, introspective moments within the most chill, yet luscious music.

Using a combination of textured beats and smoother layers of synths behind Chloe’s soulful and warm voice, Kllo’s sound is like a dream. It’s what propelled their Well Worn EP to success and it’s what’s made their forthcoming album Backwater one of the most anticipated albums of the year. Look for its release October 20th via Ghostly International.

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Chillout · Dance · Electronic · Indie


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