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Kllo share their gorgeous "Downfall" [Video]

Kllo (Australian cousin-duo Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam) have put out the video for their lustrous single "Downfall" off their upcoming debut LP Backwater. Since putting out their debut EP Cusp in 2014 and sophomore EP Well Worn in 2016, for which they quickly gained praise, they've stayed busy touring while also developing their first full length. Directed by Freya Esders, the video follows Kaul around Australia in beautifully captured settings.

On Facebook Kllo shared the motivation behind the song: 

"It was the downtime for us after a few months of tour, lugging around Europe. This was the biggest test for us as a band, finishing our first album whilst touring our music to the world with just the two of us. It was such an amazing experience to see us to get to that point, but there wasn't really time for much else. Things were progressing but we felt very stagnant when it came to our personal lives. 
This is about the inevitable downfall, our little push to get through when things didn't seem so easy, as there's really no strength like how you are when you get through."

Kllo has a fantastic ability to create a style that spans across mediums, and they've accomplished it again with this video. Just like the music, the video is like a dreamscape, gently wandering through different landscapes of the mind, keeping things ethereal and somewhat detached throughout. Gorgeous lighting and coloring is what mainly contributes to this mood, taking us through from the cool to the warm end of the spectrum with painterly precision. Particularly evocative is the last sequence with the cane fires, which is one of Esders' strongest childhood memories, and one which she knew would be the best backdrop for the feeling of letting go and pushing past that inevitable downfall. 

Backwater will be out on October 20 on Ghostly International

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