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Geographer gets candidly introspective in new single "So Low" [Premiere]

San Francisco indie-pop quartet Geographer is back with the latest single "So Low" off the new upcoming EP Alone Time. Check it out below: 

"So Low" is essentially a song about depression. The idea that everything can be going your way, and yet there's something tugging you down. Depression is like a fog, and just beyond that is the most beautiful sunny day you've ever seen. But that doesn't change the fact that you are lost in gray and gloom, with no indication of when it will lift. When the song drops in the chorus of "So Low," that's the sun above the clouds. I don't want people to forget about that, and hopefully, at a Geographer concert, we make our own sun in that club together. Mike Deni, Geographer

Geographer is a master of combining soaring vocals with dynamic analog framework. Whether it's a more uptempo track or a slower electronic ballad, frontman Mike Deni brings an honesty to his music that immediately lures you in. "So Low", at its core, has that genuine sense of emotion that's effortlessly easy to connect with. Each scale of emotion moment hit where at the right spot it needed to - whether it was the high-intensity notes or those intimate lows. This single is a prime example of Geographers natural ability to masterfully conduct pieces of music that dance between various energies but delivered such sincerity, that it's almost impossible to not get drawn in. That sense of genuine, honest sound crafting is not easy. It's too often that you find many artists forcing their chorus' to sound more intense or a verse sound more seductive, thus coming off trite. But with Geographer, each lyric and chorus conveys a sense of meaningfulness and truth. So, if it's not the multitude of melodic analog sounds or the layers of sultry vocal work....actually, you know what, never mind, you don't stand a chance, just listen to this latest track on repeat and get lost. 

Alone Time is the follow-up to Geographer's 2015 LP ‘Ghost Modern’ and is set to be released later this fall. This will be a more introspective body of work with a more candid and contemplative exploration of various themes of love, loss, and self-doubt delivered through symphonic indie electronic work.

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