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Bari and Monte Booker join forces once again to unleash their interstellar space jam "Panama"

Another day, another Bari and Monte Booker track. If only that were a real saying and they dropped gems like “Panama” on a regular basis. Sigh.

To celebrate the birth of his daughter, Bari linked up with Monte for the second time in a week to deliver yet another solid track. If only the two of them were working on an album... Oh, wait! They are. In fact, Bari’s debut project, MSTRGLSS, is allegedly slated to drop before 2018. Good news for all, indeed!

Back to “Panama” though, this song sounds like a celestial tribal dance party. Thanks to a cosmic opening followed by some frisky flutes, “Panama” is anything but your average rap track. Couple that with Bari’s milky way fluid flow and you’ve got yourself yet another gold star for the Zero Fatigue crew.

Clocking in at only 2 minutes, “Panama” is short but sweet. In the liner notes Bari invites listeners to vibe with him, hoping that the track will, "make a bad day good and a good day better.” And after a few listens, it’s hard to argue with the man.

Press play on “Panama” above and be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for Bari’s MSTRGLSS project releasing later this year.


Connect with Bari: SoundCloud | Twitter

Connect with Monte Booker: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter





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