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Wyldest take us on an emotional journey with their new "Hitchhiker" EP

Back in July, EARMILK premiered "Hitchhiker," the title track from Wyldest's EP that graced the stage today. Out via Hand in Hive, Hitchhiker EP collects all of the London group's signature atmospheric vocals, echoing guitar strums, and cyclical synths that remind us of CHVRCHES into a shiny 14-minute package. 

The four track EP begins slowly with "-45," a track where the instrumental melody feels forefront to the elegant vocals. Mead croons of the desperation to leave a love behind and the song builds alongside the growing feelings. "Hitchhiker" picks up the pace and delivers a slick, synth-pop tune. You can hear the 80's influences most in "Hitchhiker" and "Island Gardens;" both include lo-fi rock undertones with vibrant pop flourishes. If you're in the mood to groove, let these two bops reverberate from your speakers. "Down" closes out the dreamy soundtrack with emotive lyrics of love and loneliness. 

As a whole the EP feels like if your 90's home video on a hazy camcorder was turned into a nostalgic audio experience. In short, the trio of Zoe Mead, Mariin Kallikorm, and Jack Gooderham smashed it yet again.

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