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Energize your inner hustler with Neza Alexander's "Tape Decks

Without a doubt, the most common theme in any rap career is the hustle. Flip through any of your favorite rapper’s catalogs, and you’ll find countless songs about the come up. Starting from the bottom and every other imaginable metaphor for working hard is used ad nauseam (and if your name is Russ, every song you make is about the come up because apparently, that’s all you know). But when everyone does this topic to death, how could a new song about the hustle become enjoyable? Easy. Make it personal, make it real. Neza Alexander, the Alt-Rap duo out of LA, understands that point well on their latest track, “Tape Decks.”

“Tape Decks” stands as an indie hustler anthem. It’s the kind of hustling you have to do when you start out, and as Neza Alexander are just breaking ground as a duo, they are very much in that zone. And honestly, that’s what makes this record such a joy to bump. This isn’t a track about looking back on those hustler times, musing about how far you’ve come, this is a track about being in the thick of it and working to make things happen.

Both Neza and Alexander take turns rapping over the upbeat and dancey synth beat. And while the chorus of “Gotta sell these fuckin tapes” hits the hustlers nail on the head, it's lines like “hungover, eatin sushi almost a day old” that drives home the point of being in the struggle. So for all of you out there working on your craft, take a few minutes and bop along to your new anthem, “Tape Decks.”

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