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Nafets flips a variety of flows on "Jones"

Maryland-born, LA-based, and self-described as an alien, Nafets delivers a single as multifaceted as the rapper himself. Son of Trinidadian parents, but faced with the task of assimilating to American culture and a mostly white school, Nafets has always felt somewhat of an outsider. Instead of letting the experience silence his voice, Nafets' struggles have only made him louder. Rap is more than expression for Nafets, it's a tool to help him cope: "For me, rapping began as a way to combat depression, which I’ve suffered from since high school," he says.

On "Jones," we can hear a West coast bounce in the beat, produced by CPSLOCK, and an East coast tact in the way Nafets spits. There's a poise in the way he uses the synths the way his influences once used boom-bap drums. The writing is supremely clever, poking fun at the inanity of SoCal culture. Punchlines have never sounded this smooth. "Jones" is what would have happened if Earl Sweatshirt liked shit and went outside.

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