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Mr. Yote drops "GemGlow", releases limited edition character pins

Internet rapper and mastermind Mr. Yote has dropped a new loosie from his crazed mind this week, "GemGlow". For those unfamilar, Mr. Yote is a frequent IGLOOGHOST-collaborator who not only creates his own fictional worlds, he also raps as characters inside of them. Yoteland is deep and expanding by the day, and with "GemGlow," we hear the rapper reprise his role as the pirate Scurvy Jones.

Some words on the song by Mr. Yote himself:

so pretty much the track is about Scurvy in negotiations with this old hag for a extremely valuable map to a place called Regaia Row, which is full of many rare jewels and gems and what not, but more importantly is rumored to house a strange stone being capable of mass death and destruction. the stone dude is Pello Phantasmo and he's the next character for my next bug release and this song sorta acts as the bridge.

This is some dramatic, next-level world-building that not a lot of musicians are tackling in this post-Gorillaz realm. The song features Mr. Yote Scurvy Jones rapping in his signature deeply-pitched voice, with a flow and cadence similar to that of a wise, mystical and wondrous figure. Yote weaves in and out of the pitter-pattering backdrop of the skeletal beat, as mystery shrouds the entire song. It's definitely got atmosphere from a distinct character.

In addition to dropping a new song, Mr. Yote also released a pin of Scurvy Jones, available in gold or nickel. Each pin is $8 and includes a download of "GemGlow".



Cop a pin, hear "GemGlow" up above and be sure to revisit Mr. Yote's The Terrible Tales Of Scurvy Jones to catch up with this story in Yoteland.

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