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Far Out reveal new single "Truest Lies" featuring Karra [Premiere]

Far Out seem unearthly if you admire their detailed and elaborate branding, from the above video to their Soundcloud aesthetic, it's a unique fusion of space and house. The duo remains completely anonymous to maintain a mysterious wonder around where Far Out came from. What makes them stand out is the aesthetic distance they put themselves from Earth, but the human touch to their music makes them so attractive. Originally starting from another alias, they realized that they wanted a new music and brand that stood out, stepping faaar away from what they knew. 

Today EARMILK has the pleasure of announcing their latest single, "Truest Lies" featuring Karra on vocals, who completes the song. The lyrics bring you into a positive sensation before the main melody smashes down with an incredible out of this world force. There is a smooth balance from Karra's gentle voice to Far Out's amazing production, the song is certified fresh and ready for radio play.
Taken from an unidentified radio signal from deep space, EARMILK has received the following transmission from what we can only imagine as Far Out's spacecraft as the source:
"Our act revolves around two anonymous characters that have returned to earth from the farthest reaches of space. Our sound is a blend between cinematic movie scores, dance music, and rock & roll. We'll be finalizing our live show this fall, as well as giving fans an opportunity to dive deeper into the Far Out story."
Until these two land on our planet, you can expect to see a series of new singles released every few weeks, so keep your eyes subscribed to their social media if you like what you heard.

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