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Dresage comes through with perfect after dinner number "Renaissance"

A silky smooth genre meld, new song "Renaissance" from musician Keeley Bumford; the driving force behind Dresage, brings us a timeless take on indie-pop music, bewitching us with her vocals, drawn out piano and considerate use of diminished chords. The classy and inventive production somehow feels both vintage and current; and completely at home soundtracking a relaxing evening post cooking. 

"Renaissance came one night as I whispered my secrets into a microphone with my collaborator Greg Martin. I confessed to the confines of a shell I had created and been living under for the previous few months. I tried to put words to the new era I knew I needed to create for myself. "Repeat, repeat they're just as haunted as me." Suddenly I knew that everyone else's manicured digital lives left them feeling just as hollow and fraudulent as mine did. I started from within to create a my own renaissance for one." 

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Alternative R&B · Electronic · Indie


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