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Pelorus releases dreamy debut EP "Perfect Storm"

There is a river in New Zealand called the Pelorus river, and that is where Leon Van Dijk got his moniker, Pelorus. Of the name, Van Dijk says:

I chose the name because for me it fits with the music. My music is quite flowing and I tend to think of a lot of water imagery when creating the music.

And it's true. His debut EP, "Perfect Storm" is elemental: conjuring up imagery of the Earth, storms, fire, and water. He sings of returning to places he's been before while the instrumentation is flowing, steady, ever changing and always moving forward. Of the title track, Pelorus relays: "the track for me bought a sense of intimacy and comfort so with the lyrics I tried to paint a picture with those two feelings." There is even a quality of underwater-ness to his dreamy vocals. "Perfect Storm" sounds of that space between sleeping and waking, and Pelorus makes you want to linger there as long as possible.  

Connect with Pelorus: Twitter | Facebook | Soundcloud

Dreampop · Electronic · Indie · Pop


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