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Four Tet takes us to outer space on astral single "Scientists"

Kieran Hebden, AKA acclaimed UK-based electronic artist Four Tet, has a new single out in anticipation of his upcoming and ninth studio album, New Energy. "Scientists" is a buoyant, spacey tune that slowly unfurls as the track progresses. It starts simply enough, with a whispery breath, then introduces a floating synth pad/drone, some skittery live drums, and a bouncing synth arp. By the two minute mark, Hebden treats the listeners to a bounty of beautiful organic percussion and a tapestry of disembodied female vocals. The track pulls the rug out from under itself about halfway through, and it gradually rebuilds with the same array of soft sounds before a euphoric trumpet melody brings the tune to a climactic close. Arguably Four Tet's most unabashedly jubilant track in years, "Scientists" is as positive a sign as any that New Energy will be a great album.

New Energy will be out September 29th via Text. The first 1,000 preorders (both CD and vinyl) are available through Oxfam, which can be pre-ordered here.

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