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Windows down, volume up for JULiA LEWiS' "On the Regular"

Well well well, now isn’t this an all star team. Bay (Yay) area producer JULiA LEWiS linked up with Mr. Carmack, Mikos Da Gawd and Oakland rapper Elujay for a track that is far from regular. Peep “On the Regular” below.

You like that huh? That little pun about being regular. Get it? “Regular” is in the title but this track is bouncier than spending your birthday at a Trampoline Park, making it anything but regular. Oh ya, you’re totally right. That was very clever. Enough idle chit-chat though, let’s dive in, shall we?

“On the Regular” starts off with some pleasant piano chords and begins to build with a little bit of synth action until things rip wide open when Elujay gets on the mic. From there on out, everyone’s feeling good as Elujay delivers a performance fit for blasting out the car with the windows down. Elujay's laid back delivery over the sweet, sweet productions from LEWiS, Carmack, and Mikos make this loosie one hell of an enjoyable ride.

LEWiS is no stranger to the bouncy Bay sound. Over the past year, he has Caleborated (pun intended) with the likes of Rexx Life Raj and Caleborate on a handful of dope tracks and seems poised to continue this strong streak of hits. Hard to say what’s next for the Nor Cal producer, but you can bet whatever it is, it will sound amazing.

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Electronic · Hip-Hop


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