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Hill releases Caitlin Cronenberg directed video for "On Camera"

Hill, the brain child of Canadian songwriter/producer Brenna MacQuarrie, has very fittingly teamed up with Caitlin Cronenberg for her latest video "On Camera". The song itself is an exploration of the more taboo side of sexuality, specifically the world of BDSM, voyeurism and "power being willfully surrendered". The video features Hill in simple, monochromatic costume. Dark lyrics live over top of a trap beat, and the simplicity of the song allows Cronenberg's stark photography to take the main stage. Of the video, Cronenberg says:

I think the way we did it was the coolest part. Basically I shot stills of Brenna doing all of her actions and dance moves, and then we printed those series of photos on paper, and Jon took photos of the pages being flipped and animated them. Then our amazing editor Kevin cut them to the beat. So there was actually no real video at all. Only stills of printed stills. I love it because all you see are the printed images, it is totally analog.  All of the lighting effects you see were done in the original stills and then shown in the printouts. We even took advantage of the printer running out of ink to cause some cool effects.

"On Camera" is classic Cronenberg, with minimalistic black and white stills turned into a flip animation in which Hill looks as though she's dancing across the pages of a book – she is completely comfortable with whoever is watching her. 

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