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Yotto delivers hypnotizing remix of Gorillaz' 'Busted and Blue'

Gorillaz' recent album Humanz prompted a stream of remixes from a hefty list of producers, including Bonobo, Baauer, Purple Disco Machine and Kaytranada. Recently joining the talented group is Finnish producer Yotto, who reimagines of one of the album's lesser known tracks, "Busted and Blue." 

In the original lyrics, Gorillaz lead singer 2D (Damon Albarn) and supporting vocalist Kelela grapple with interconnectedness in the modern era. With a sense of longing, Albarn asks "Where do they come from? The wires that connect to us," yearning for communication and authenticity despite an Internet age. Desolate synth patterns emphasize the "image made by Virgil" over which Albarn muses, commenting on the Internet's perpetuation of idealized façades.

On his rework, Yotto achieves this sense of hypnotization by layering a pulsating house beat atop both artists' melancholy voices. Drawing a prolonged creaking noise from the original and looping it throughout the new track, Yotto captures the evocative yearning feeling of the original with a new energy.

Yotto cements his remix as one of the best of the bunch with a dramatic build up to the song's outro, leaving listeners hooked on the same creaking noise as the beginning. A masterpiece from start to finish, Yotto's remix leaves listeners in a daze of emotion. Listen to the new release above.

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