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Freedom Fry drop new EP 'Strange Attraction'

Following last year's hit single "Shaky Ground", LA based alternative duo Freedom Fry have released a new EP of high energy grooves entitled Strange Attraction.  Taking a lyrical approach most similar to folk combined with an ear for driving electronic beats, the duo has constructed a four song project that's guaranteed to keep your head nodding and your soul recharged for weeks to come.

Regarding the tracks chosen for Strange Attraction, Freedom Fry's Bruce Driscoll and Marie Seyratt said, "Lyrically we wanted to explore familiar themes with a different take on them. “Strange Attraction” and “The Words” are both love songs but not at all in the typical sense. “Adios Amigos” is about being happy to say goodbye to someone. Because we like so many styles of music we don’t typically have a genre in mind when we write our songs. That’s why we end up with some more folky songs and some more electronic. This EP ended up falling somewhere in the middle of those two genres. We used a lot of organic instruments but wanted to make the songs easy to dance to."

Strange Attraction is available now.  Listen to it here.

Connect with Freedom Fry: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram



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