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Lex Allen embodies "Venus and Serena" on empowering new single

Hailing from Milwaukee, soul-pop superstar Lex Allen delivers the glamourous and empowering new single "Venus and Serena." Featuring Taj Raiden, this song mixes electronic influences with grime influences to make a self-love anthem. The dynamic beat bends to Lex's confident vocals with each pop of synth padding his delivery. Taj keeps the energy high, all out attacking the microphone with her verse. The duo's confidence is infectious, making it difficult to feel like anything other than your best self while listening to the track.

Of the single Lex says, "When Q The Sun showed me this track over a year ago, I knew the only person I'd want on this was Taj Raiden. She's unapologetically herself and my gut told me we'd vibe out in the best way possible. Our inspiration behind this dance track was one of empowerment and self acceptance, letting each listener know to make their own way, and not let the judging eye of others stop you from living your life. Gay, straight, black, white, or bi. Serve and swerve on the haters."

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