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Small Leaks Sink Ships shares "Psychotic Opera" [Video]

Small Leaks Sink Ships have experienced more than their fair share of obstacles. The progressive art pop quartet consisting of  London Van Rooy, Judd Hancock, Jim Mandel, and Ryan Garner have been dealing with one damn thing after the other - one being Ryan Garner's near fatal motorcycle accident in 2010 the next being Judd Hancock's facing a cancer diagnosis in 2011. However, the four piece have not just endured but thrived, and this fall they are set to release their fourth album. 

Today, they share the video for the catchy, insistent, baritone single, "Psychotic Opera," an oeuvre focused on an internal struggle between a protagonist, and their own mind. In regards to the meaning of the song, drummer and vocalist London Van Rooy shared with EARMILK:

Psychotic Opera is meant to come off as an argument between two people but in actuality is a psychotic breakdown within one's own mind.

The video was shot in an old repurposed spray booth for cars and directed by Jon Christopherson. Also, those white lines of animation you see amplifying sounds and motions were generated by Jonathan Ralston. The band release their fourth instalment, Gold Calf on October 13th via Lefse Records. 
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