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Best Ex reminisces on summer love in "See You Again" video [Premiere]

Oh, summer love. To be young, to be free, to see the lack of sprawling space on a twin size bed as a perk. You may have heard of lead singer-songwriter Mariel Loveland from her previous project Candy Hearts but in her new and more confident iteration (which she described to Billboard as “a break-up makeover… a break up with her lying, good-for-nothing anxiety”) Loveland is condensing all those 'young summer love' feels into one song, "See You Again." In the video, premiered here today on EARMILK we see Loveland romping around in the best backdrop for summer love - a hot New York City full of murals, claw machines, ice cream, and an ear to ear grin. The video and the song do a great job of capturing that fleeting feeling of moving on from a summer fling while secretly hoping it's not too much to ask that those days be remembered when you run into your co-fling conspirator again - and according to this quote Loveland shared with EARMILK, it all worked out in the end: 

"I think sometimes in our lives we're gifted with certain people who completely change the perspective we've had our entire lives. I wrote see you again about one of those people I met on Warped Tour.  He lived so, so far away from me. It felt like every day was just counting down to when we'd never see each other again. We would meet each other every day at catering and watch the sunset together almost every night. I'm not the kind of person who can't not roll their eyes at that, but he really taught me to appreciate each moment in a day and live inside every second rather than looking forward and missing a bunch of your life thinking about things you can't change. I still struggle with that today. And I was also completely wrong. I did see him again, and he met my mom and met my dad and is coming to my sister's wedding."

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