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Maxo drops video for the hazed out, slowed-down "lil big man"

Underground Los Angeles rapper Maxo has dropped a loosie that absolutely deserves buzz. Produced by Lastnamedavid and VIK, his latest track "lil big man" is a slow-churning, burnt out bop. Like most of Maxo's music, it's a hazy lofi song that invites a lazy flow for the rapper to nearly lyrically trip over, through a sluggish beat and reflective wordplay.

Maxo commented on the track in an email:

this really just a loosie me and the homie just felt like making a video to one day. I usually find the meaning to my songs after making them. This one about life tho and fake shit niggas be doing I guess, and shit how I see it. Maybe it'll mean sumn different 3 years down the line, I dont know.

The video shows Maxo clowning around with director and friend Steven Traylor before the song really kicks in. It's easy to get lost in and the video provides more context of Maxo's personality between his goofiness and lyrical content.

Maxo's been steadily making waves this year and trickling his music into everyone's radars. His fantastic LP Smile dropped at the top of 2017 via BURNT•TAPES. His feature on the underrated Poorboy by MEDHANE was nothing short of exciting. And most recently, his track with Philly rapper lojii "No Love" definitely gave the rapper some much needed exposure.

Watch the video for "lil big man" up above and be on the lookout for more from Maxo.

Connect with Maxo: SoundCloud | Twitter | Instagram



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