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Wiki runs for "Mayor" in new visual [Video]

Wiki traverses his home city of New York to campaign for mayor in his latest music video, teasing the release of his upcoming album No Mountains in Manhattan, out August 25th on XL Recordings. Directed by Letter Racer's Matt Lubansky, you can catch Wiki on the train, passing out stickers outside of Penn Station, and spitting outside of the Mayor DeBlasio's office. The picturebox frame and washed out colors keep the video in line with that of a campaign ad. 

Between handshakes with the gun in the hotdog cart, Wiki brings his teetering flow and delivers an unexpectedly smooth hook. The main draw of this track is Wiki's love for New York and the city's sound. With every song Wiki puts out, it's clear he's making music for more than his own enjoyment. Wiki makes music for the city at large. After sharing the video, he also shared the tracklist for the upcoming record.

No Mountains in Manhattan has production from heavy hitters like Kaytranada, and Earl Sweatshirt (under his randomblackdude alias), and has notable features from Ghostface Killah and Your Old Droog

1. Islander (produced by Alex Epton)
2. Mayor (produced by Tony Seltzer)
3. Pretty Bull (produced by Tony Seltzer)
4. Made For This ft. Ghostface Killah (produced by Tony Seltzer and Adrian Lau)
5. Chinatown Swing (produced by Sporting Life)
6. Litt 15 ft. Your Old Droog (produced by DJ Earl Teklife)
7. Face It (produced by Alex Epton and Sly C)
8. Stick Ball (produced by NOLIFE)
9. Elaine (produced by Wiki)
10. Pandora's Box ft. Evy Jane (produced by Dadras and Sporting Life)
11. Wiki New Written (produced by randomblackdude)
12. Jalo (produced by Black Mack)
13. Nutcrackers ft. Lakutis (produced by Wiki, Alon Sicherman and Alex Epton)
14. Baby Girl (produced by Kaytranada)
15. NMIM ft. ACAB, Slicky Boy (produced by Tony Seltzer)
16. Leppy Coqui

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