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Catching up with Nashville sibling duo Truitt on new single "Tokyo" [Q&A]

Following the release of their latest single "Tokyo," EARMILK was able to catch up with Nashville sibling duo Truitt on the new song, the music scene and running their own label, Orange. The two have been gathering momentum in the music industry since the release of their debut EP, TRUITT, which earned 600K+ streams and was featured in retailer playlists the likes of H&M and Zara. But on "Tokyo" the pair went independent and released the song via their own label, as well as collaborating with Chicago producer Light House

E: What was the inspiration behind your latest single "Tokyo?" 
Brigetta: I found myself in this position of being attracted to someone, but too scared to confront the situation because of the "what ifs." Tokyo's about the risk of just going for it, and to not miss out on experiences with people. 
E: How do you think working together as siblings effects the music you create? 
Brett: I think it works really well for us because we have that blood bond. No matter who we are writing or working with, we know we have that one person in the room who understands what the other is going through. Majority of the time we go into sessions not needing to preface what's going on in our separate lives for inspiration because we're already so in tune with what's new. 
E: What’s the most exciting part of running your own label?
T: Orange is still very new. As we grow as artist in this Nashville scene that we're a part of, we want to help other artists in our community grow in any way we can.
E: How was working with Light House on your latest single? 
Brigetta: Light House is unbelievably talented. We've been big fans of his solo project, along with the work he's done with Whethan and Oliver Tree. When we got the track back, I couldn't stop dancing.  It has elements of Euro house, which I love. I immediately knew it was the right direction for the song. We were so ecstatic  to have collaborated with him. 
E: What influenced your decision to move to the Nashville music scene?
T: We love Nashville, and we decided to move here to sharpen our craft. This city is filled with the best writers in the world, and not just in country music. We are really dedicated to the Nashville pop community. We're daily inspired by people here like: Jon Santana, Quinn Lewis, Cappa, Rlumr, and Phangs. We couldn't be more excited to be apart of this community and be able to watch the Nashville pop scene explode. 

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