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Jore Marelyn channels his inner-Eminem with "Vivian's Bungalow 1013" [Premiere]

By now, hip-hop should be aware of the slowly rising Atlanta spitfire rapper known as Joye Marelyn. Jensen Karp and Matthew Robinson of Get Up On This definitely know what's up. And at the very least, EARMILK readers should've seen his name fly by a few times this year already.

Well, Marelyn isn't stopping anytime soon and it's obvious the dude is sharpening his skills. The up and coming rapper is back with another track that further proves his worth with his newest music video, "Vivian's Bungalow 1013." Named after the psychiatric hospital Joye was sent to by his family, the song features Joye rapping over the Eminem-produced track "Renegade," aggressively spitting bar after bar, only taking a break to deliver a hook that seems to only serve as a way of Joye calming himself down.    

Marelyn commented on the track:

I wrote this song a few days after I was released from a psychiatric hospital under a 1013, sent there by my grandmother and evil uncle, days after my mom passed away. Very tough moment in my life around that time. Nothing makes me happier than sharing my authentic self and the true story of my life – the good and the bad.

Take a look at Joye's newest music video up top and be on the lookout for more from the Atlanta native soon.

Connect with Joye MarelynTwitter | Soundcloud



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