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NVDES delivers groovy new EP and visuals [Q&A]

Equal parts energy, whimsy, and unfettered ambition, Los Angeles based creative collective NVDES burst onto the scene last year with the release of their first EP Life With Lobsters.  Last week, they released a new project entitled La NVDITÉ vol. 1, a frenetically paced pop album laced with catchy hooks, memorable guitar parts and captivating vocals.  To accompany the release, they've also released visuals to two of the tracks, "Dancer from New York" and "Sugar".

La NVDITÉ vol. 1 is definitely an experiential listen- from the opening track "May and June", the assembled layers of sound wrap the listener in an auditory blanket that pulls influence from so many sources you're unable to accuse any element of the finished piece of being derivative.

“NVDES is a world I created,” says Josh Ocean, the leader of this group of creators pushing out innovative and experimental sounds and visuals into the public eye.  I had the opportunity to have a brief exchange with de-facto frontman Josh Ocean.  Read it here.

EM: What changes were made from your first EP, Life With Lobsters, to your latest EP?
Josh: I would say editing.... Life with Lobsters was the beginning of the of my experimenting with the jamming style I now call La NVDITÉ. The main difference between these two eps is editing. Each song on LWL was pretty much completely made and pretty much finished within hours. On vol .1 I used lots of different pieces of jams from multiple sessions to make the jams into the songs as they are now. 
EM: Which part of a song is the most important to write first?
Josh: The most important thing in a song for me is the intention behind the energy of the songs. The lyrics and actual music don't matter as long as there is a true intention.
EM: Where do you look for inspiration outside of music?
Josh: Alan Chin to Amsterdam. I'm lucky enough to find deep inspiration in many place. I find inspiration absolutely everywhere. Whether it being hanging was my friend Alan's art studio Downey projects, walking around Hollywood BVLD or sitting along canals in Amsterdam with a Liberty Haze joint...
EM: Does collaboration help or hinder the creative process for you?
Josh: Collaboration is the lifeblood of NVDES. My whole goal with NVDES was to create a unique environment that collaboration could thrive. I live for healthy collaboration.
EM: Which feels better to you- finishing a project or starting a new project?
Josh: Starting a project is the best feeling in the world for me. To me there is nothing more exciting than the spark of an idea. One of my goals with my music is to directly capture and share those moments as true and un altered as possible...
La NVDITÉ vol. 1 is available now. Listen to it on Spotify.
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