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WYO Debuts with Inspiring Music Video “Down by the River” [Premiere]

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In a small corridor, a few hours south of Yellowstone National Park, tucked between mountain ranges — lies the small town of Jackson, Wyoming.  In this grandiose, yet humble setting the folk-rock band, WYO, found its roots.  Now they bring their vision to life with debut single, “Down by the River.”  The track evokes a heavenly feeling of wide-open spaces in nature.
The music video, directed by the band’s singer-songwriter Andy Sorge, compliments the song’s epic feel.   Tugging at our heart strings, we see a young boy searching for purpose amid the picturesque landscapes of backcountry Wyoming.  The boy tries to connect with a lost loved one, sending her a paper airplane with the message, “I miss you.”  
From the opening organ riff to the pounding of the drums, WYO takes the viewer on an ultimately hopeful journey.  Andy Sorge talks about the creative process behind the track:
"As a kid, I would walk to Snake River to explore.  While recording the album I had a dream about visiting the river and searching for something.  The next day we were arranging the song and I decided to write about the dream I had of being Down by the River.”
What’s sure to be an unforgettable sight, WYO will be playing a series of shows that coincide with the upcoming Total Solar Eclipse this month.  The full eclipse will be visible along a 70-mile-wide path — the “path of totality” — that will cover Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  
Here are the Solar Eclipse show dates:
August 19 - Jackson Hole, WY @ The Rose
August 20 - Jackson Hole, WY @ Concert on the Commons
August 21 - Jackson Hole, WY @ Pink Garter Theatre
If this first track is any indication of what’s to come, we can definitely look forward to the debut album, Untamed, out October 20th, 2017 via Cabin Sounds.  
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