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Transcend reality with Night Gestalt and TM404's otherworldy "Holy Patterns" [Premiere]

When you strip a song of all bass, all chords, all drums, what remains? Enter Night Gestalt, the intelligent dance (IDM) alter ego of Olof Cornéer. Scaling new heights beyond his international success as half of Dada Life, Cornéer boldly pays homage to the all-encompassing unit of musical life force known as the arpeggio. After beating cancer in 2015, the notoriously energetic and good-spirited artist found the inspiration to pursue a minimal, IDM-influenced passion project years in the making. Today Night Gestalt joins creative forces with enigmatic Swedish Grammy-winning electronica master Andreas Tilliander (TM404) in a spacey, limited, nearly spiritual tour de force known as "Holy Patterns."

In the artist's own words, "With all the songs in this series of collaborations, it's really about working with an artist I admire and [seeing] what happens when two sound worlds collide. In this case I've been loving TM404's 303/acid-dub since Andreas Tilliander first start putting out music under that name. We wanted to create something that reflected the name: something deep and almost religious. Something you could enter and maybe even lose yourself inside."

Night Gestalt is slated to release a full-length work before the end of the year.

Connect with Night Gestalt: Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Connect with TM404Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter



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