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Liv Miraldi catches us in her "Undertow" with new music video

21-year-old Liv Miraldi is the freshest indie pop power woman you should have on your radar. Currently based in Nashville, Miraldi embraces sultry R&B elements while contributing to the dynamic and rising pop scene in Music City. "Undertow" sinks and sails with ocean imagery and musical vibrations that only soar because of her glossy vocals. The lyrics illustrate a time when emotions swell over the edge and your being feels surrounded by liquid lies, regret, and feeling. Joey Brodnax of Amplify Entertainment directed the video and the two artists worked collectively to produce a story reflecting Miraldi's spirit and still relatable to viewers. Although it's set on a dreary beach day, the intriguing video doesn't need sunshine to make it shimmer.

We also asked Liv about her take on creating the video,

When you write a song as a story you leave it up to the listener to visualize it. This video portrays how I saw the story. The director, Joey Brodnax, was able to bring my song to life beyond the music. There’s one second in the video where you see me drowning, it was the scariest scene to film because it was 50 degrees in February, the waves were so high, and I had to fake drown in the Pacific six or seven times with a crowd of concerned beach goers. Sometimes you gotta suffer for art.

Connect with Liv Miraldi: Facebook | Twitter | Spotify

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