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Montreal's duo ST x Liam's reignite their passion on "A matter of time" LP

ST x Liam are a Montreal based duo comprised of emcee ST (aka Simon Templar) and producer Liam. The two are frequent collaborators in the blossoming underground beat scene in the city of Montreal. Often working with other organizations such as Artbeat Montreal and they were also featured in the infamous Piu Piu documentary.

Along with Liam and Fruits(another very talented producer), ST formed Trust The Team(aka TTT), a collective bringing together many like-minded musical talents. ST is also a member of the ALAIZ family(members include Kaytranada, Dr Mad amongst others).

Their latest release is a 10 track LP titled 'A matter of time' which comes almost 5 years after their debut project 'Fresh crops'.  Musically the new project serves as a bridge between their usual offering and a step towards the new age sounds and whatnot. The duo do dabble into a little trap vibe here and there but still stay grounded with the heavy usage of lo-fi-esque organic backdrops and of course ST's exemplary lyricism. 

 Coming after a long hiatus, 'A matter of time' is most definitely worth the wait and shows nothing but growth between these two talented cats.

Connect with ST  : Souncloud |Twitter | Facebook

Connect with Liam : Souncloud |Twitter 

Connect with TTT : Souncloud |Twitter | Facebook

Hip-Hop · Indie · Rap


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