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Dusky Grey animate the world in new video for "Call Me Over"

The Welsh pop sensation Dusky Grey dropped a vibrant video to accompany their rhythmic rock-pop single, "Call Me Over." Dusky Grey is the brainchild of Gethin Williams and Catrin Hopkins, and they are anything but colorless. With a tropical guitar riff and rebounding snaps, "Call Me Over" claims a spot on your newest car jams playlist. The video utilizes hippy, dippy, and trippy animations and effects to convey that late night conflicting feelings of drunken mistake versus intoxicating desire. The chorus, "Call me over, gotta get some love, I'm out of my mind / Hold up, hold up, I'm wasted and I'm blind" breezily sums up all of these emotions in a sweeping silhouette. View the video above and grab the single "Call Me Over" - out now on East West/Warner Music Group.

Dusky Grey also give their take on the track, 

“The song is basically about acknowledging that someone is bad for you and taking the necessary steps to rid yourself of who you feel may be toxic. And with that finding the people who become your support system.” 

Connect with Dusky Grey: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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