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Wayward returns to weave a musical "Tapestry"

Wayward’s musical powder keg is waiting to ignite. The London by way of Leeds duo first got on our radar in 2013, and since, we’ve seen them sprinkle releases on Black Butter Records and Aesop. They’re now back in 2017 with a new EP out tomorrow, entitled Alexandra. Following their Orissa release in April of this year, the guys released the title track a few weeks ago. Today, we have the second single, “Tapestry,” to grace your ears ahead of the EP release tomorrow on Silver Bear Records

'Tapestry' was the first track we made on the DSI Tempest which we recently purchased. It took about 4 hours to make and then it sat inside the machine for a good few months. Something about the rawness of the drums and the naivity of the sounds that comes from not really knowing how to use the machine properly yet brought a unique vibe to the track.

Wayward has broadened their horizons on “Tapestry,” exploring the world of analogue in their inspiration. Literally born on a road trip, it maintains the allure and worldliness we’ve seen from Wayward before, and are seeing appear increasingly more in the world of underground house. Check it out above.

1. Alexandra
2. Tapestry
3. Alexandra (Man Power Remix)
4. Alexandra (Hammer Remix)

Connect with Wayward: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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