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King Los points out what the game's been missing on "Without Me"

King Los is back with a new track titled "Without Me" in which he is addressing the industry for dismissing his highness. The song's production is nothing short of stellar with a classic sample and distinct bass line - perfect for the mood Los is setting. The Baltimore native's ability to incorporate prodigious bars with a cool and low-key delivery makes for a perfect passive aggressive contrast. As he continues to show case the insane wordplay gift he was blessed with, it seems he is able to convey his point across exactly as planned.

Los appears to be gearing up for a possible new project as he has dropped a total of three tracks in the last month alone including "Dear 2017" and "The Glo". The RCA rapper's last project, God,Money,War, was released over two years ago on June 23rd, 2015 and a project stocked with lyrical onslaught and extraterrestrial wordplay is long overdue. 

When will King Los finally receive the recognition he deserves? Hopefully sooner than later, for hip-hop's sake. There should be absolutely no debate on the former Bad Boy emcee's rhyming capabilities as it is evident he is in a league of his own and has no problem maintaining his throne.

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