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Culture Wars release self-titled EP with exclusive Q&A [Premiere]

Austin based trio Culture Wars have released their self-titled EP exclusively on our site today, as well as offering insight behind their latest creation. The group had some big names behind the production of this EP, including Robert Sewell and mixing by Alan Moulder (The Killers, Nine Inch Nails) and Manny Marroquin (Kanye West, Imagine Dragons.) Stream the new EP and read our Q&A with the band below. 

What were your inspirations behind the visuals for “Money (Gimme, Gimme)?” 
The overall thought behind the video was to experiment with high contrast colors and lighting. Jeremi and I spent a lot of time thinking and planning it out together shot by shot. We eventually landed on Victorian chairs, bright red’s and blues, and creepy-grabbing hands. The song is all about identity, so we wanted the video to match, so that’s why you see the paint revealing her identity in one section and in another covering it up. The EP and single art was all our buddy Gary Dorsey, however the rumor is starting that I’m the kid on the front. I’m not but it’s fun to entertain the idea.
Tell me about the recording process behind the new Culture Wars EP. Is there a particular story that you’d like to share? 
This may anger the ‘rock gods’ but we did the majority of it all on laptops. Even when we would chose to go into a studio, we’d almost always end up back on our laptops. I think we just like having the office space. The only exception to that was our work at Sonic Ranch where we churned out Money and Delilah. Money for example was all tracked at 3am courtesy of Belvedere Black and the fantastic amps and gear they have there. All credit to our producer Robert Sewell and the Hustle House team for breaking us out of our shell and bringing the most out of us creatively.
How do you think the Austin music scene has influenced you as artists? 
It hasn’t. Austin’s a great place to be from, but don’t believe the hype. It makes for great billboards at the airport, but that’s about it. The rising property values, rent hikes, and new noise ordinances are suffocating all the venues in town. What once was a flourishing music scene is slowly being choked and pushed out.
What are your hopes for the Culture Wars EP? 
High streaming numbers. I guess that’s what every young boy dreams of. 

Connect with Culture Wars: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter 


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