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FUR 50's rock their way to the top with "Not Enough"

The Brighton indie-rockers known as FUR transport us back to the do-wop rock of the 50's with their new single "Not Enough." The bass strums and swirls like an ice cream sundae and the lead guitar twangs with a rhythm that'll make you sway. It's a follow-up to their single "Trying," a track inspired by a similar vein of wistful vocals, summer love memories, and strummy ballad rock vibrations. "Not Enough" would fit comfortably on the original Back to the Future soundtrack – I can almost see Marty McFly gently strumming along before busting out into "Johnny B. Goode." Although they remind us of a different decade, FUR plays with a fresh intensity to create a classic sound reborn and transformed.

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50's · Indie · Soft Rock


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