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Introducing: Phiilo & Oklio team up in warm track "Burning Hearts"

Electronic music duo Phiilo are a dynamic two that bring together husky vocal work and vibrant production. It's a delicate balance of organic intricacies and explosive synths to create something dimensional and undeniably impactful. The group have attracted tastemakers and influencers in the electronic scene such as Spinnin Records and MrSuicideSheep for elevating their music by testing out a wide range of sound.

Today EARMILK presents a new track by the duo, titled "Burning Hearts" in collaboration with smooth producer Oklio. The two connected originally at a show in Denver and made the decision to work together in the studio. Inspired by the "push and pull of a relationship" singer/songwriter Jonny William was going through, “Burning Hearts" came to life. The feathery track exposes a vulnerable side within the vocals, expressing raw feelings. Slick guitar loops throughout the track and unique synths paired in juxtaposition create an extremely colorful dynamic. Catchy and feelsy in all the right places, Phiilo and Oklio really strike an emotional chord in their collaboration.

Connect with Phiilo:  SoundCloud  |  Facebook  |  Twitter
Connect with Oklio: Soundcloud



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