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Flamingosis presents 'A Groovy Thing' for a generation of artists and fans

Sure, Flamingosis is an artist - a chef - of summer vibes. The New York City-based producer has made his music a destination for groovy, jazzy electronica-seekers, and somehow, has pumped out an enviable quantity of quality music. He's continued on that path today, releasing an album aptly named The Groovy Thing via Bandcamp.

This isn't Flamingosis's first album, and nor is it long-awaited. But there is something different about A Groovy Thing, and it's in its intent:

My album "A Groovy Thing" is now out! 18 instrumentals of sample-based funk for you to get your groove on. Thank you to all of the artists involved in collaborating on this project with me as well as all of the listeners who have shown an overwhelming amount of support over the years. It truly means a lot. Have a wonderful Summer yo ++

As we look at the album's tracklist, we can see the growth in popularity, and artists involved in, sounds like Flamingosis's. Whether it's jazz hop or just funky, his sound has permeated outlets like Spotify, whose playlists like "Modern Groove" and "Jazz Vibes" have captivated users. The difference on A Groovy Thing, though, is in the collaboration we see. Flamingosis has taken a leap here, as a leader of the new contemporary generation of a newly envisioned smooth jazz, soul and electronica. With tracks with the disco iteration of Yung Bae, jazz-focused Engelwood, and the almost bossa nova-infused StereocoolA Groovy Thing spans the whole spectrum of a new movement, giving it a real platform to stand on, a soap box to preach from.

Connect with Flamingosis: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter

Electronic · Electronica · Jazzhop


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