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Mia LJ drops "Take Me To That Night" [Premiere]

Mia LJ is an incredibly talented singer/songwriter born and raised in New York City. She is extremely passionate about her craft, and she wants people to feel her fire, and desire in her music. "I want people to realize my everlasting and overwhelming hunger for more. My favorite words are 'DON'T STOP.' I say this everyday in conversation, on social media, in interviews, and what not when talking about the grind, support from the real ones (fans), and even in sensual circumstances. I have a very addictive personality, so if I like something my desire for it is never ending to some extent." 

Her latest single"Take Me to That Night," is Mia at her finest, and most vulnerable. "When I was 16 years old, I developed a connection with this one girl over the course of two years. The feelings that inspired this song were incredibly sensual rather than sexual. Lyrically, it was my way of expressing a desire to re-create the high that was triggered during intimate nights we'd shared. My senses were stimulated on a whole new level -- taste, touch, sound, sight, everything. I fell in love with this feeling, this one night." The song starts out with vocals, guitars, and a laid back drum groove. The tune continues to build into the chorus where Mia's vocals soar over the driving force of her band. 

Mia has been hard at work on her debut full-length album, which will be released in the near future. "My growth as an artist throughout production on my upcoming debut album has been incredible. I've transformed in so many ways through personal & business experiences, both affecting my artistry heavily. Stumbling through independence at 19 years old while being an independent musician is far from easy, but still a dream. Lately, my songwriting has expressed this frustration that life brings about. Love is frustrating -- not getting what you want or expect, wanting more. My job is frustrating -- dealing with people who have years on my age, even decades, and still can't manage to do a job they are paid thousands of dollars for so I consequently have to do it myself. The grind , working so hard for so long, over a decade of grinding and just not being exactly where I want to be. Dreams, trying to make them reality but accepting the fact that it takes time. It's a lot. It's life. It's growth. This album has made me so much stronger. I've lost things & people I'd never imagined losing, while gaining things I'd never dreamed of gaining. It's so hard on the heart, but it's worth it."

Though Mia LJ is merely 19 years of age, she has lived a full life, and it is clear she is wise beyond her years. Two things are for sure, she is just getting started on her journey, and she will not cease until she gets what she wants.


Connect with Mia LJ: Instagram| Twitter| Youtube


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