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Purity Ring releases delectable new tune "Asido" [Video]

July 24 marked five years since the release of Purity Ring's seminal work Shrines, and the duo are commemorating the occasion with their new track "Asido". Though the band has mentioned working on new material, the single is unattached to any potential upcoming album, and is being put out solely in celebration of this anniversary. 

After their foray into more dance-y/pop realms on Another Eternity, "Asido" takes listeners back to the feel of their distinctive first album but with somewhat more sparse production. James' vocals peek through their signature watery autotune a bit more clearly, and their favored glittering glitches are restrained to bring the chorus's viscous bass line in focus. Twisted corporeal imagery and oceanic metaphors that can apply to almost anything are still being used in abundance but are also still just as phonetically and emotionally satisfying. 

In deference to this, they are showcased in this astral video that is the perfect visual translation of their music. Saddle up for a solitary ride through sky, earth, and Purity Ring's psyche.

Connect with Purity Ring: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram 

Alternative · Electronic · Glitch


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