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Embark on a tropical adventure with LAIKIPIA's latest "I Know Love"

A few months ago, we at EARMILK premiered a wacky/dope track from indie electronic duo LAIKIPIA. What made “Hello Dreamer” worth a listen is the unavoidable authenticity LAIKIPIA brings to the table. The track was colorful and bouncy like nothing else out there. On their latest, “I Know Love,” the vibe is much the same.

Once again, the island sound is the backbone inspiration for “I Know Love.” The song sounds like it could soundtrack anything from your tiki decorated summer BBQ to Disney’s Moana. And just like last time, the sound is a whole lot of fun. Xander and Taylor come together so well here, with Xander’s booming and guttural screams surfing over the track's epic and synth-heavy productions. The fact that both Taylor and Xander produce and create the instrumentation gives the song a very natural cohesion. LAIKIPIA is less like a duo and more like one insanely creative unit.

Every track LAIKIPIA releases feels like a mini epic. It’s like some crazy, gnarly, wild adventure, which if you’ve seen any of their videos, is exactly how they look. And on that subject, it seems “I Know Love” will get the visual treatment as their singles in the past have received, so you can bet it will be as legendary as the last.

Give “I Know Love” a listen above and be sure to keep your eyes and ears glued to EARMILK for all things LAIKIPIA.

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