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Watch Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight rage "All Night" [Video]

Fresh off the release of their joint project, Nyck@Knight, Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight return with a rowdy video for "All Night." Nyck@Knight works so well because the two artists are delivering their very best on every track, with half the time they’d have on a solo project and the competitive spirit of the genre driving them. “All Night” is the ultimate collaborative effort, featuring both rappers grimiest bars, and some of Kirk’s best production to date. It does not get more sinister than this. The duo trade bars with a level of precision that would imply they’ve been rapping together in their past lives. The video adds some levity, with Nyck and Kirk letting loose in tagged alleyways and a takeout joint.

The best part about Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight, besides their chemistry, is their personality. At the eight second mark on this video, the credits read: "When we were doing one of the party scenes people were doing dabs and someone straight up coughed all the smoke in my face. So after 15 minutes, I'm standing with the monitor, ready to go for a take and all of a sudden I feel wonky. Somehow I accidentally got stoned while we were filming. So all these people are coming up, asking me questions - at this point everyone is sparking up... the entire house is just one huge hot box. I'm pretty sure everyone was high including my cinematographer. I had crazy cotton mouth so I went outside and drank some water and then we spent like 30 minutes or so obsessed with this hallway shot with moves that we thought were trippy because we were f'ed up. It worked for the video, but watching back the footage sober is pretty hilarious. And that's the story about the first time I was high at work."

Grab a copy of their joint tape, Nyck @ Knight,  here.

Connect with Nyck Caution and Kirk Knight Twitter | Twitter | Soundcloud

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