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Vector Xing evolves into the "Bubble King"

Vector Xing is a Los Angeles based R&B artist with one of the bounciest and most electric deliveries. The triumphant and self-produced “Bubble King” is his first release since his 2015 debut project 440Hz. Xing’s sprawling influences can be seen all over the track—acts like Earth, Wind & Fire, Parliament Funkadelic, and the Ohio Players color his use of space and melodies. There’s a lot to love about the track, between the bright swells of horns and the way Vector Xing’s voice plumes up as he sings his love for LA on the hook. His vocal inflections become so meticulous, we can count them as part of the instrumental suite. Across the four and a half minutes, we dip in and out of genres, arriving at a sound entirely Vector Xing’s.

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About “Bubble King,” Vector Xing describes the process of putting together the track as a process of decomposition and re-composition of himself and his understanding of music:

“I had to search to find the me that unobstructed by anything except for my own self-manifested energies. And to do that I had to create. And to create I had to go back and re-learn everything. Re-learn about African American history. Re-learn about queer history. Re-learn what it meant to be a man. Learn how to be okay with my feminine side and my queerness. Because somewhere along the way had invited too many falsehoods into my home. They had overstayed their welcome and they needed to be pushed out because they were impeding my growth.”

In confronting the toxic parts of his persona, Vector Xing allowed “Bubble King” to become his “declaration of self-worth.” He hopes that fans new and longstanding walk away from this track with a more refined sense of themselves, and learn how to “lean into your insecurity, because there is so much energy hidden in the shame that we conceal.”

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Hip-Hop · R&B · Soul


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