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The Harpoons deliver a self-empowering message wrapped in vintage house with “Do you want my love?"


 Straight out of Melbourne, Australia comes The Harpoons , a four man band made up of brothers Henry and Jack Madin, Bec Rigby and Martin King. All four come from a rich musical background. The brothers learned the art from their composer/instrument maker father, Jack's family run the iconic 35-year-old Melbourne music venue The Boite, while Bec cut her teeth singing in Australia's thriving folk scene, which is how the band met.
 Their newest release is the uplifting vintage house-esque single titled "Do you want my love". The track is a soaring piece of self-empowerment that Bec calls “a homage to assertive females who own the night and the swinging basslines that sound track those nights.”
Do you want my love is taken from their upcoming album 'Amaro' which will be released under the Caroline Australia label. This is the band's first release under the aforementioned label.
Connect with The Harpoons: Soundcloud | Facebook | Twittter | Instagram
Disco · Electronic · House · R&B


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