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Bell Curve kicks off new event-series Club Kin with an exclusive mix

Bell Curve, at 22 years old, represents a young and hopeful voice in the New York dance music scene. Signed to the label Sweat Equity, Bell Curve (Isabel) talks about her project centering "around exploring intersections of bass music, experimental sounds and structures, [and] trying to show a feminine perspective to bass music." She is a part of the Sister collective, a group of talented women-identifying and non-binary producers, and recently was featured as the first artist on their SISTER: Volume 1 compilation for her single "Hello." Focusing on hybrid bass music, with influences from Rap to Caribbean music genres, Bell Curve could be a staple artist for the genre-rejecting open-minded listener. Keep an eye out for her upcoming EP on Sweat Equity.


In addition to bringing a feminine perspective to a male heavy genre, Bell Curve will be kicking off a new event series pioneered by Transit.FM and Priivate Practiice— the event titled "Club Kin" is about closing divisions through dance music. The event reminds us that "the support we need to validate our own breath-filled existence can sometimes only be found in the arms of a friend or the blanketing rumble of a sub," and Club Kin represents a space that provides both. For those of you in NYC, check out the event tomorrow held at the Brooklyn-based venue Sunnyvale.

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