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Jimi Tents cruises around like "Rick Rubin" [Video]

Jimi Tents latest LP, I Can’t Go Home, tells the story of a man chasing his dreams while losing sight of home. “Rick Rubin” is a critical point in the track listing, where the album’s main character sees the peak of opulence, right before realizing that he needs a home to find his balance.

Shot in California, the video exudes summertime: cruising with the top down, diving into the pool, and taking down targets with water guns. When discussing the location, Jimi agrees that "Cali was the perfect place to shoot this video. It definitely embodies the summer and vibe of one of my favorite records on I Can’t Go Home." The ease of the video makes sense as Jimi himself says: “‘Rick Rubin’ was one of my favorite songs to make on I Can't Go Home, I didn't have force a thing. Those are always the best ones."

Pick up a copy of I Can't Go Home here.

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